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I specialize in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to set up and manage their online marketing activities to grow their business. For small business owners and begineers, online marketing can appear like a black art.  

Terms like Landing Pages, Facebook Pixels and Squeeze Pages sound like they are from a different language. 

I have been in that position. 

I have been in Sales and Sales Management for most of my working life. When I was asked to take over as Head of Marketing for the company I worked for, I knew what the result needed to be - leads for my sales team. However, I had little idea how to achieve it. We also didnt really have a marketing department - barely even a marketing team.  

Sound familiar?

So I did my research and worked out what I needed to do. Along the way, I made expensive mistakes, investing in software that had way more functionality than we would ever have time to learn. We also burn't through tons of money on poorly targeted Google Ad campaigns. But we learn't from these mistakes and built a successful marketing program. 

Throughout this process I tested different methods and software tools to help us simplify many of the tasks . involved in acheiving the company's aims. 

I realised that much of this knowledge could be applied to starting my own online marketing business and Silent Earning was born. 

Our aim is to help people escape corporate monotony and learn the tools and processes required to set up their own online business. I am constantly testing new ideas, whilst proving some existing ones, sometimes with unexpected results. Online business can appear complex. I aim to take some of that complexity away.

The Tools I Use

I have tested a number of different software tools to automate and help promote my online business. 

Marketing Tools


The platform I recommend for creating landing pages and the bulk of your web presence. Its easy to use "drag and drop" templates make building top quality landing pages a breeze.

I use Leadpages instead of creating web pages whenever I can. 


This is the best email marketing platform to use when you are just starting out and don't have a big list. Its free for your first 100 subscribers.

Drip is now owned by Leadpages so the integration is excellent and the quality of the training available gets better by the day.  

How I Combine Wordpress and Leadpages - Best of Both Worlds?

Wordpress vs Leadpages, landing pages vs wordpress

If you run a small business or are responsible for marketing a business, chances are you are constantly concerned about your Website and why it doesn't attract new customers. 

This is because it isn't designed to do that. 

This is a landing page and it is specifically designed to attract new subscribers and customers. Its also really easy to design using low cost software and no expensive web designers. 

I don't have a web site, I don't need one and neither do you. 


Starting an Online Business

Take a look at my resources, guides and podcasts that will help you start your own blog or online business.

Building an Email List 

Resources and articles from people who have successfully built email subscriber lists for their online business.

What Does It Cost to Set Up an Online Business?

How much does it cost to start a blog, blog setup costs

People starting their own blog or online business often don’t have a lot of spare cash. They also want see if the business works before ploughing a load of money into it.

This article shows the basic items you need to purchase to set up an online business and what they cost. Learn how to purchase everything you need to run your business for a year for less than $500