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Leadpages has some pretty useful built-in analytics, that will help you analyze your Leadpages traffic and conversions. This will give you a better understanding of which of your landing pages are seeing the most traffic and which are getting the most opt-ins.

This can be useful for a host of reasons, particularly if you are trying to track the success of your ad campaigns.

Leadpages Traffic and Conversions Analysis

How to View Analytics

This is easy. When you open Leadpages and go to the Leadpages list, you will see all your pages listed out like this:

Leadpages, Traffic and Conversion


High Volume of Unique Views But Low Optins

This tells you that you are getting good traffic to a particular page. This shows you that, whatever is driving traffic to that landing page is working well.

However, if the number of opt-ins on that page is low and the conversion rate is also low, that points to some possible problems:

  1. The content on the landing page isn’t relevant to the keywords or ads that are driving traffic to the page
  2. The offer on the landing page isn’t compelling enough to get people to opt-in.
  3. The ad that is driving traffic to that page may not give a good indication of what is being offered on the landing page.m

If you focus on improving these three factors, you should be able ro increase the number of optins and the conversion rate on that page. The good new is that the page is seeing a lot of traffic. What you need to do is make sure that this is well targetted traffic and that it has a good experience when it arrives on your page.

Low Volume of Unique Views, but High Conversion Rate

In this example, the level of traffic coming to your page is low, but when they get there, many of them opt in to your offer or offers. This shows that the content on the page, and more specifically, your offer, is of interest you your visitors.

It is worth taking time to understand where this traffic is coming from. If the traffic is coming from a warm source, like an email campaign to your list or maybe a relevant podcast episode, you need to take this into account. If the traffic is coming from the same type of campaign as other, lower converting pages, then you have a page you should focus on.

High Volume of Unique Views and High Conversion Rate

This is what you are really aiming for. This page has two ingredients:

1) A traffic source that is driving a high volume of visitors.2) Content and an offer that appeals to that audience.

When you see this in your stats, you should jump around the room waving your arms for a while.

Once you have settled down, you then need to check what conversions actually mean to your business and also what you are doing with them.

  1. Are you sending them to a workflow in your email responder, so you can reach out to them by email.
  2. Do you have enough information about them to pass the contact onto your sales team.
  3. Could you invite them to your next webinar and try to convert them into am paying customer

All this depends on the goal of each sales funnel. It the above matches your goal, then you are good. If you were expecting paying customers and you have a bunch of email subscribers, you still have a little work to do.

Return on Investment

This is the important part.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a CMO for a large corporate, you need to be seeing a return on your marketing investment. A Leadpages traffic and conversions analysis will give you a great indication of this.

Let’s take an example:

You run a Google Adwords campaign and spend $4,000 driving traffic to your landing page and into your sales funnel.

You are seeing 400 people visit your site each month and 40 are converting into email subscribers. That is a 10% conversion rate, but no income.

If you can then invite those 40 people to a webinar and 12 of them sign up for your $1,000 course, then you have doubled your investment.

This last part is key. You have to turn visitors into paying customers or you may as well look for a career change. With a 2:1 return on your investment, it is worth repeating the next month, but you have to keep an eye on these Leadpages stats. If your subscriber count is only 20 and only 3 sign up for your course. Suddenly you are upside down.


Leadpages offers a free course on Facebook advertising using their new Facebook Ads Editor.  Here is a link if you want to check it out:

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